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MA Lighting grandMA3 onPC command wing Tourpack

  • Parameter: 2,048 (HTP/LTP)

MA Lighting grandMA3 onPC 4Port Node 4k

  • Parameter: 4,096 (HTP/LTP)
  • Parameter Mode2: 2,048 (HTP/LTP)

grandMA2 command wing Tourpack

 grandMA 1 Fullsize, Amptown Rollcase

GrandMA NSP 2 2048 Parameter gMA1 gMA 2 Artnet

nsp 2

ETC Nomad unlocked Version

ETCnomad is also compatible with EOS, Cobalt and Hog 4 PC.
12 Universen on PC über Artnet möglich.


12.288 Ausgänge

Eos Motorized Fader Wing

High End Systems Hedge Hog 4N
Hognet möglich
2 DMX Universen on board
4 DMX Universen über Artnet/ sACN

High End Systems Hog 4 Hoglet4 DMX Universen on board

High End Hog 3 / Hog 4 DP8000 DMX
8 DMX universes XLR, 16 universes Art-Net, and E1.3.1 (sACN)

Swisson XND-4B5 – 4 port Ethernet DMX Node, Box, 5pin XLR

  • Art-Net and sACN to DMX converter for up to 8 independent universes
  • Supports Art-Net 1 through 4 (DMX and RDM)
  • Supports sACN

Premanaged Gigabit Ethernet Switch – XES-2T6

  • Optimized for Art-Net, sACN and Dante
  • Two aggregated trunk ports
  • Groups (IEEE 802.1Q VLANs)
  • Four queue DiffServ (differentiated services) for optimal quality of service (QoS) with the Dante protocol
  • No broadcast bandwidth limitation

Elation E Node 8 Artnet


Ma Lightcommander 12/2,Case Koffer


Ma Lighting Scancommander


Showtec DMX Splitter Booster 8 fach Splitter im Case

showtec splitter

Infinity CHIMP 300.G2 TOURPACK + Banana Wing

4 GLP Impression 90 RGB

12 Robe Pointe Spot


16 Robe Led Beam 150

20 LED Bar ADJ 12*3 Watt LEDs RGB, 18 channel


1 Arkaos 5 PRO Linsence


Look Unique 2.1 DMX Hazer 1500W

EUROLITE AF-7 Axialgebläse DMX

2 Manfrotto Windup 50 Kilo Belastbar

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